10 Sustainable Christmas Gifts For the Conscious Consumer

sustainable gifts

The holidays may be the most stressful time of the year to shop. We are often stuck trying to find the perfect gift for everyone on our list and that can be a difficult task. However, with a little bit of research and preparation, you can make this process much easier for you.

This article will provide tips for finding sustainable gifts for Christmas and tips for shopping responsibly so that you can have peace of mind this holiday season.

How can I shop responsibly and sustainably?

One way to shop responsibly is to purchase gifts that are eco-friendly or sustainable. This means giving something back to the planet in some way, whether it’s by using recycled materials or donating proceeds from your purchase to an environmental organization.

If you’re looking for a gift idea, consider purchasing a fair trade product or a product made from organic materials such as hemp fabric or bamboo wood furniture.

Another way is by giving experiences instead of material goods like tickets to an event, cooking classes, trips, etc.

Sustainable gifts ideas for your loved ones

Here are some ideas for sustainable gifts for this christmas:

1. Consider handmade products.

You can make a natural soap and it will only cost you time and a few cents in ingredients. All you need is vegetable glycerin soap, food coloring, and essential oils. Combine the three ingredients into small batches of soap, let it set overnight on your kitchen counter or wherever the soap is most convenient for you to work with, and then cut out shapes with cookie cutters. You can add other colors to your soaps by adding more drops of food coloring in smaller

handmade soap

2. Products made locally.

local knitting

3. Reusable product

Like a wooden spoon or knife, coffee mugs, steel straw, etc.

reusable straw

4. A gift card and even better if it is a e-gift card.

5. DIY items made from recycled materials

Like stationary, art, homeware, etc.

6. Items that are made with eco friendly materials

Bamboo clothing and toiletries

eco friendly toiletries

7. Natural products and/or products produced with minimal energy and materials

Skin care products made with organic ingredients, such us body scrub, face masks, lip balm, etc.

natural products

8. Plants

Plants are always nice for decorating homes.

small plants

9. Energy-efficiency gadgets for the tech lovers

Portable solar panels, solar USB charger, etc.

portable solar panel

10. Any experience

Gym memberships, a day in the spa, a concert, a sport game, take your family on a hike.

gym membership

Final words: Tips to Help You Find a Sustainable Gift for Christmas

The world is changing, and so are the gift giving traditions. With an increased awareness of environmental issues, people are now looking for sustainable gifts that have a low carbon footprint.

But we know it is not always an easy task to find eco-friendly gifts that match your budget and taste. Here are our final tips to help you out:

Plan ahead:

Make your christmas shopping list, research for responsible brands and sustainable alternatives.

Reduce waste:

Be mindful of the amount of waste you create with your purchase, for example, use eco-friendly wrapping paper or recycled materials, pick products with no packaging or eco-friendly packaging, reuse and recycle, get creative.

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